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Among Asia’s leading management consultants

  • founded the first marketing consultancy company in India – in 1975, Marketing Advisory Services.

  • helps foreign companies entry into India with full spectrum of support from market study and entry strategy to land, legal and taxation issues (collaboration with SKP –Crossborder Consulting).

  • helps companies in India and Asia to become ‘customer oriented’ through strategy, structure, systems and training (collaboration with BestPraxClub Pvt Ltd).

  • among the most popular “Seminar Leaders” on Marketing and Management in Asia, Africa & USA.

  • Is the first President of Institute of Management Consultants of India (IMCI) (87-92).

  • Is the first Asian Chairman of the world apex body – International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (1997-99).

  • Given Lifetime Achievement Award for Consulting (2005) by IMCI.

  • Given Lifetime Achievement Award for Marketing by Indys – 2009.

  • Wrote longest running business column in India for 19 years in Business World (Exec. Career Path).

  • Only consultant invited to address 3 consecutive World congress of Management Consultants – Rome (1992), Yokohama (1996) and Berlin (2000).

  • He was invited to address three sessions of the World Marketing Summit WMS, at Dhaka 2012, and Tokyo 2014, 2015.

  • Elected Chairman of the Consumer Education and Research Society , Ahmedabad – one of the largest and oldest consumer organisations in India for 2013/14.

  • Also invited to be a Trustee of the MoneyLife Foundation , Mumbai – one of the most active agents of change to spread financial literacy in India, from April 2013.

  • Walter Vieira has been invited to be an Advisor  for the Board of Studies of Bombay University , to develop new and relevant programmes for the MMS levels – in areas like Management Consultancy; Pharma and Healthcare ; Marketing ; from November 2013 .

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